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Consulting Services

“Adopting the appropriate Information Technology and Business Technology solutions can be streamlined and efficient.”

Cloud Services

“Cloud Computing affords you the opportunity to utilise Information Technology as a commoditised service.”

Integration Services

“We stand behind the quality of our integration services with a financial guarantee.”

SEO & Analytics

“Top rankings in search engines can only be achieved by a professional SEO company that is committed to quality online market research”

Managed IT Services

“Our Managed Information Technology Solution has undergone a gradual evolution, optimising the utilisation of your technology investments over time.”

Hosting/ Data Centre/ Network

“Quantum MSP provides comprehensive services, including network, application, infrastructure, and security support, through ongoing administration and regular maintenance”

We provide to you

We offer the latest in PC sales and we are Service Specialists. Quantum MSP sells and services all Hardware and Software solutions for your computer needs. More importantly, QMSP fixes your computer problems and issues, and provides quick and efficient installations for your commercial or private applications.

Have robust security and support with On-Prem on in the Cloud.

Quantum MSP uses easy to understand language for business owners and Directors, and connects directly with your IT Team. Or we can be your complete IT Service Team.

Work with Quantum MSP Support with confidence

Trusted IT Support Team

A new age Managed Service Provider that places all the power in your hands, and provides the most professional service in attaining your business goals. All done with the latest technology and premium support.


Experienced IT Support Team Nationally.

No more taking a help ticket and waiting in line for a junior to get back to you, you speak right with the technician that gets the job done right.

Server Infrastructure

Cloud Services

Consulting Services

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A Managed Service Provider that is providing modern alternatives to older and out of date services. Now!

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